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Basic rates include an hourly fee plus any makeup fee or prosthetic you want.

Hourly Fee:
Flat Hourly Fee.....$40

Makeup Fees:
 Halloween Makeup
(basic makeup only type effects)

starts at $15
 Trauma Makeup - Basic
(wounds and minor 3 dimensional fx)

starts at $25
Trauma Makeup - Advanced
(wounds and advanced 3 dimensional fx)
starts at $35
Zombie Makeup - Basic
(basic zombie fx)
starts at $25
Zombie Makeup - Advanced
(advanced zombie fx with prosthetics)
starts at $35
Old Age Makeup - Basic
(face painting old age fx)
starts at $30
Old Age Makeup - Advanced
(advanced old age fx with latex)
starts at $55
Airbrush Makeup Application
(airbrush body painting)
starts at $40

Prosthetic Application
small prosthetic.....$5
medium prosthetic.....$10
large prosthetic.....$15

Additional Details:
Pricing rates are determined by the time, and supplies used on each individual makeup session. The prosthetics pricing is determined by the size of the prosthetic as to the cost of materials needed for each prosthetic. If you want a more specific prosthetic, or custom made prosthetic you must contact me in advance to work out all detailsincluding price. Horrific FX offers our own brand of various prosthetics for additional charge. Go to our online store to view our Horrific FX prosthetics line. If you purchase any of our prosthetics, contact me as to which prosthetics you want.

Please contact me in advance if you are interested in more detailed effects or detailed prosthetics.

Travel fees will also apply. Contact me for information regarding any travel fees.

If you have a Horrific FX coupon it is limited to just one coupon per session.

We accept cash, and most credit cards.